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4 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Bills Down This Summer

Spring is over and summer is heating up! Summer is a great time to get outside to enjoy barbecues, beaches, swimming, but sometimes, just staying in the cool AC is exactly what you need!

While your air conditioner is a fairly low maintenance part of your household, it needs a little help to keep you comfortable all summer. Make sure your home is the cool place to be this summer with these simple tips from Schneller:

Clean Up Your Filter

Cleaning or changing the filter in your air conditioner is one of the best ways to keep you feeling cool all summer. The ductwork, vents and filters are always collecting dust, so make sure your air conditioner is all cleaned up and running at peak performance. This will also save you money because the unit has to work less to do its job so it will run more efficiently.

Tune Up Your AC

Get your home on a regular schedule for tune-ups to maintain peak performance and keep your home comfortable. A qualified technician can perform this procedure to make sure there are no unexpected problems with your unit. These checkups are key to eliminating breakdowns and costly repairs in the long run.

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Dry Up Dampness

Though it might seem backwards, extra moisture in your home will make you feel warmer. Eliminate humidity by installing a dehumidifier. Certain areas of your house may collect more humidity, like bathrooms, and the addition of a dehumidifier can remove that sticky feeling you’ve noticed. It can also eliminate odors caused by dampness.

Close Up Those Windows

Make sure your windows are covered with curtains or blinds to block out the direct sunlight. Solar gain can add a lot of unnecessary heat to your house. Blocking out some sun will decrease the temperature in the house as a whole, which means your air conditioner has less work to do in the first place!

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The key to keeping cool this summer, and next, is preventative maintenance. It just so happens that fixing small issues before they become big problems is our specialty!

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