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How Temperature Zoning Can Keep Your Home More Comfortable

While hot and cold spots in your Cincinnati area home can be annoying and uncomfortable, that doesn’t mean that your air conditioner isn’t working or that it’s inefficient. But it could mean your home is too big for your current system.

There are ways to make adjustments and improvements to your existing system in order to get rid of uneven temperatures in your home. Whether you live in Blue Ash or Mason, Schneller Air can help you keep your home more comfortable with temperature zoning.

What Is Temperature Zoning?

Temperature zoning can help even out the temperature swings in your home. It is a technique heating and air conditioning companies use to more efficiently heat and cool homes.

How Does It Work?

A Schneller Air technician will come out to your home and help you map it out into different heating and cooling zones. Zones are a general area that you would like to be comparable in temperature. Zones are usually separated by floor and by areas that are used the most and the least. Dampers help to maximize the efficiency of temperature zoning. By closing or opening these dampers in the different zones of your home, you can drastically change the airflow. Each zone will also have its own thermostat so you can adjust the temperature as needed.

Why Is It Useful?

This service is ideal for homes with several stories, high ceilings, and large rooms. When you separate your home into zones, your heating and cooling system will only be adjusting the temperature in certain areas of your home, hence it will operate on less power saving you money on heating and cooling bills. Plus, you’ll have less fluctuation in temperature in certain areas of your home, which will keep you more comfortable.

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