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Expert Oil Furnace Services in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky

While there are many ways to heat your home, you may find that an oil furnace is the best option for your home. Despite electricity becoming a more popular heating source, oil furnaces have also become a highly efficient means of making your home comfortable during the colder seasons. If you’re looking to replace your current heating unit with an oil furnace, call Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air!

Enjoy reliable, comfortable, and affordable heating in the Cincinnati, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky areas with a professionally installed oil furnace! Call Schneller Knochelmann at 513-407-4424 or reach out to us online.

Benefits of Using an Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces tend to be very energy-efficient. Depending on where you live, biodiesel can be mixed with traditional furnace oil to be more eco-friendly for the environment. They also have a long life span, lasting up to 20 years with minimal maintenance. Additionally, because oil furnaces utilize a storage tank, you get peace of mind knowing you’ll have reliable access to your own fuel supply when other sources like propane or natural gas aren’t available.

Have questions about upgrading to an oil furnace for your home? Speak with one of our experts at 513-407-4424, or send us your questions online.

Our Oil Furnace Services

Access to reliable heating is an essential part of keeping your home comfortable during the fall and winter months. To ensure you’re never without heat, we offer comprehensive oil furnace services, including:

Oil Furnace Installation & Replacement

Whether you’re upgrading from your current heating unit or replacing an old one for a more efficient model, Schneller Knochelmann has the tools and resources to get the job done right with professional oil furnace installation services.

Oil Furnace Repair

If you’re noticing high energy bills, excessive dust in your home, or little to no heat coming out of your oil furnace, it’s likely that it needs expert oil furnace repair services. Our highly trained technicians are experienced in conducting thorough inspections to find the root cause of the issue and fix it up in no time.

Oil Furnace Maintenance

While an oil furnace has a life span of 15 to 20 years, you can help extend it by scheduling routine maintenance. Professional oil furnace maintenance services also help reduce the need for repairs by catching issues before they become severe, saving you money in the long run.

For comprehensive oil furnace services in the Cincinnati, Ohio, and Nothern Kentucky areas, call on Schneller Knochelmann by dialing 513-407-4424.

Preventative Maintenance

To extend the life of your oil furnace and to ensure it stays operating in peak condition, there are preventative measures you can implement on your own. Some of these include:

  • Cleaning and/or replacing oil filters, gaskets, and pump strainers
  • Checking/restocking your oil furnaces fuel supply
  • Lubricating the blower motor components
  • Clearing your furnace of soot, dirt, and other debris

For more complex maintenance, schedule a professional oil furnace maintenance service with our technicians from Schneller Knochelmann! Dial 513-407-4424 to schedule a service or contact us online.

Why Choose Schneller Knochelmann?

When it’s freezing cold and your heater isn’t working as it should, Schneller Knochelmann is here to help! Since 1928, we’ve been bringing reliable heating services to the fine residents of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. Schneller Knochelmann provides excellent customer service, high-quality workmanship, and 100% customer satisfaction. For savings on your oil furnace services, check out our monthly discounts and offers! For even more convenience, see about our financing options.

When you need fast oil furnace services, call Schneller Knochelmann for installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services! Get in touch online or call 513-407-4424.