Sewer and Drain Lining Service in Cincinnati

Schneller also provide sewer and drain lining repairs for homes in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. In this area, it is common over time for the main drain line to start to crack and break. This can happen with the old clay and cast iron sewer lines that were used on a lot of our older homes. That means that tree roots can get into your drain lines and cause clogged drains and even drain failure. Usually when that happens, you have to dig up your yard, excavate the line, and replace with new drain pipe. Schneller is able to use technology that makes it easier and faster to repair – without a big hole in your yard!

Sewer and Drain Line Repair Without Extensive Excavation

The plumbers at Schneller use the Perma-Lateral ™ Lining System. This system was designed for small pipe diameter repairs of piping lines that range from 2″ to 8″ pipe diameters. The main benefits of this sewer and drain line repairing system are:

  • Repairs cracked or broken pipes without extensive excavation
  • Eliminates roots and infiltration
  • Bridges missing pipe sections

This pipe liner system can be installed through clean-outs or open end pipes. Our plumbers only need one access point to install this pipe liner. For pipes that are 2″-4″ in diameter, we can repair pipes up to 120′ in length. For pipes 5″ – 8″ in diameter, we can rehabilitate pipes up to 600′ in length.


This liner system uses a styrene free resin, and can be used on cast iron piping, clay drain lines, and PVC pipe. And the minimum life span is 50 years per ASTM F 1216 Third Party Testing. Plus, the materials used are tested and certified as environmentally safe and odorless.

Call the plumbers at Schneller today the next time your Cincinnati area home needs the drain or sewer line replaced. We can do it quickly, and with less mess!


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