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5 Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush & How to Fix It

A toilet that won’t flush is a true plumbing emergency, especially if your Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky home only has one toilet. But you should never feel inconvenienced in your own home, which is why the team at Schneller Knochelmann can help with our emergency plumbing services and repairs. However, sometimes a toilet that won’t flush is an easy fix — so we’ve compiled a few ways to troubleshoot this particular Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky plumbing emergency on your own.


Common Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Here are five common reasons that a toilet won’t flush and what you can do about them.

1. It’s Clogged

Whether from too much toilet paper or a curious child who tries to flush his or her favorite bath toy, a clogged toilet is one of the most common reasons that the toilet won’t flush. A toilet plunger or toilet auger is your best friend for fixing this particular problem. However, if you have frequent clogs, you do need to have the toilet looked at to determine what the problem is. You can also try switching for a thinner toilet paper and ensuring all members of the family are only flushing toilet paper and waste, nothing else.

2. Tank Has Too Little Water

The toilet tank should have water up to 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube. If the water gets too low, the valve may have been turned off, and hits will prevent the toilet from flushing. Turn on the valve and watch to ensure that the toilet fills properly. If it does, flush and make sure it’s working.

3. The Flapper Is Damaged

When you flush the toilet, the toilet’s flapper opens to allow the water in the tank to flow into the bowl, flushing everything through the main drain. If the flapper’s bent or warped, the toilet won’t flush because the flapper can’t close the water intake hole to allow the tank to refill. Replace the flapper, which is fairly easy to do and doesn’t cost much, and see if that restores the normal flushing process.

4. The Lift Chain Is Broken or Disconnected

The lift chain connects to the flapper and pulls up the flapper when you flush the toilet. If it’s disconnected or has too much slack, the flapper won’t open and the toilet won’t flush. Adjust the length of the chain or reattach it to start normal flushing.

5. The Overflow Tube Is Cracked

Finally, if those problems don’t fix the non-flushing toilet, check the overflow tube. If it’s cracked, then the water will flow into it preventing the tank from filling. If the tank doesn’t fill, the toilet can’t flush. Replacing the overflow tube will restore function.

Toilet Repair in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

If you’ve gone through the list but are still experiencing a toilet that won’t flush, the plumbers at Schneller Knochelmann can help. No matter the size, scope, or scale of your plumbing need, we have the solution and service to match.

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