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Leak Detection & Repair in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Providing Reliable Leak Repair Since 1928

At Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air, we have the experience, tools, and technology needed to locate any plumbing leak quickly. This allows us to make affordable, expert plumbing leak repairs at your KY or OH home, keeping your house safe from severe water damage and your family safe from exposure to unhealthy mold growth.

Suspect a possible plumbing leak? Call Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air at 513-407-4424 in Ohio or 859-757-1877 in Kentucky for same-day leak detection and emergency plumbing repair.

Signs You Could Have a Plumbing Pipe Leak

Watch for these telltale signs of pipe leakage:

  • Unusual drain or pipe noises
  • Sound of running water or dripping water
  • Wet areas or stains on your ceiling, walls, or floor
  • Moldy odors
  • High water bills with no reasonable explanation

Need help with plumbing leaks? Contact Schneller Knochelmann online or call us at 513-407-4424 in Ohio or 859-757-1877 in Kentucky now.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Fix Plumbing Leaks Right Away?

The consequences of undiscovered or unresolved plumbing leaks can include these all-too-common (and costly) problems throughout your home:

Kitchen leaks: The kitchen sees lots of daily traffic and heavy use in most Cincinnati-area households. With the many water lines running through your kitchen, leaks are quite common—and the longer they go unresolved, the more damage your kitchen will experience. Whether you have a sudden, catastrophic emergency plumbing leak or a small faucet drip, let our certified OH & KY plumbers find the source and make quick, efficient repairs.

Basement leaks: You may not spend much time in your basement, or you may be distracted when you are there. This makes it easy to miss plumbing leaks in the basement, allowing any leaks substantial time to cause more damage in your home. By the time you notice clear signs of a plumbing leak, you may already have extreme water damage. Avoid a damp or damaged basement with our expert plumbing leak detection and plumbing repair services.

Underground water leakage: Slab leaks or foundation leaks can cause high-dollar damage to your home’s foundation and structure. Being underground, they’re often impossible to see (without knowing where to look, with the proper tools, to inspect the plumbing system). We recommend you have your plumbing system inspected as a preventative measure occasionally, even if all seems well.

Schedule professional leak detection sooner rather than later to protect your home’s structural integrity. Contact us online or call 513-407-4424 in Ohio or 859-757-1877 in Kentucky today!

Our Plumbers Find Leaks With Industry-Leading Equipment

You’ll be surprised how quickly and efficiently our team of expert plumbers can diagnose your pipe leak. To make your pipe repair as convenient as possible, our service vans are stocked with commonly needed parts and tools (as well as sophisticated leak detection equipment). We come prepared to repair most plumbing leaks right away.

We use our training, our experience with a variety of plumbing systems and pipe materials, and the latest diagnostic techniques to locate pipe leaks, including sewer leaks and slab leaks. Once we locate the leak(s), we recommend the least intrusive, most effective method to repair it—and finish the job ASAP. We respect your home and keep our work area organized and clean.

Let our plumbing pros find and fix your pipe leaks. Contact us for leak detection and repair at 513-407-4424 in Ohio or 859-757-1877 in Kentucky today.

Why Trust Schneller Knochelmann for Expert Plumbing Services in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio & Northern Kentucky?

At family-owned Schneller Knochelmann, our team is friendly, skilled, and reliable, providing high-tech, affordable plumbing services. We’re proud to bring you “a higher grade of technicians” dedicated to superior service.

Leave your plumbing problems—including leak detection and repair—to us! Call Schneller Knochelmann at 513-407-4424 in Ohio or 859-757-1877 in Kentucky now.

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