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Electric Water Heater Services in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Since the hot water heater in your home is central to so many of the aspects of your day to day, you naturally want one that is efficient, strong, reliable, and of course, cost-effective. The specialists at Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air understand the necessity of a hot water heater, and that’s why we offer comprehensive electric water heater services to our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky clients.

The certified plumbing and home service experts at Schneller offer installation, repair, replacement, and more for all electric hot water heaters. With our generations of knowledge and training we can guarantee ideal product options to suit your needs and the top quality of service to match.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Our experts are highly experienced with electric water heater systems, offering both traditional systems and tankless water heaters to suit your preference and needs. With our skill and attention to detail on your side you’re guaranteed an installation that is accurate, effective, and offers you a system you can count on for years.

The benefits of a new electric water heater include:

  • Longevity. An electric hot water heater, on average, outlives other systems. This is the primary reason many folks choose an electric, and it’s quite the perk to consider.
  • Cost-effective installation. While there’s a discussion to be had in long-term efficiency, pound for pound an electric system typically costs a good deal less to purchase and install over gas.
  • Low-maintenance. Maintenance is a vital part of any appliance’s lifespan, but an electric system is simpler, and thus needs a good bit less.
  • High efficiency. If your current hot water heater is five, ten years old then you’re missing out on tons of savings via modern high-efficiency systems.  

Electric Water Heater Repair

Whether the issue is huge or minor the result is pretty much the same: you don’t have access to hot water! That means when you need repairs you want a team that is responsive and very efficient. Someone who can offer cost-minded solutions that restore your home and hot water to normal as quickly as possible. In other words, you need the repair specialists at Schneller. With our experience, training, and diagnostic tools we can guarantee the top-quality repairs you need! Contact our electric hot water heater repair experts when:

  • Your water heater is making odd sounds (popping, squealing)
  • There are leaks on or around the hot water heater
  • The temperatures of your hot water are not remaining static
  • It takes too long for the tank to recuperate

Electric Water Heater Maintenance

As the years wear on you might notice your system becoming less efficient and effective. It might even need more repairs. The counter to this is routine professional service, which is something we’re more than happy to offer! Our maintenance services include all of the cleaning, checks, flushing and more your system needs to retain peak performance throughout its entire life. We even include performance evaluation and potential replacement consultations.

Expert Water Heater Services in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

No matter the size, scope, or scale of your plumbing need, we have the solution and service to match here at Schneller. You can reach our plumbing team online at any time to schedule service, or feel free to contact us over the phone at 513.407.4424 (OH) and 859.757.1877 (KY) to speak with our plumbing experts!

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