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Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Ductless mini-splits can help you beat the heat on a hot and humid day. Easy to install and maintain, these units pack considerable power into a modestly sized machine. At Schneller Knochelmann, our teams of certified HVAC technicians are happy to install, maintain, repair, and replace ductless mini-splits in your home.

For more information about ductless mini-splits, contact Schneller Knochelmann at 859.757.1877 in Kentucky or 513.407.4424 in Ohio. We’re happy to give you the answers you need to make the best decision for your comfort.

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Installation & Replacement

Ductless mini-splits are a cost-effective manner of beating the heat without burning a hole in your wallet. Ideal for use within our climate, ductless mini-splits can be installed in practically any room and on practically any structure. And because ductless systems do not require ductwork, it’s possible to install them quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your home. The installation process typically takes a professional installation team less than a few hours to complete from start to finish.

Of course, ductless mini-splits are like any other machine. They require regular maintenance and care to keep them operational. However, most quality systems will last around 20 years, longer than most conventional air conditioning systems. Thus, not only will you save on the cost of installation and operation, you’ll enjoy long-term savings when it comes to repairs and replacements.

Benefits of Our HVAC Services

The team at Schneller Knochelmann undergo extensive training on mini-split systems. We are masters of determining the best size, position, and installation techniques. We can help you perform regular maintenance, use your system to zone your home, and repair or replace any damaged components that impede proper air conditioner function.

Contact Schneller Knochelmann at 859.757.1877 in Kentucky or 513.407.4424 in Ohio to learn more about the ductless mini-split services we offer clients in the region. It is our pleasure to provide the quality customer service and dependable workmanship you desire.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Proper installation requires carefully mounting the air conditioner to your home. This requires installing the evaporator, condenser, refrigerant lines, covers, and more. Our team works with you to identify the best position and time to perform the installation. 

Ductless Mini-Split Replacement

Even the best-built systems wear out over time. When your system reaches the end of the line, we’ll help you find a suitable replacement that offers the features and functions you desire. As always, we will remove your existing system and properly dispose of it when we install your new unit. 

Hire Schneller Knochelmann for Service and Quality

Our customers are our top priority, and when you hire Schneller Knochelmann, you can rest assured that we will provide responsive customer service and superior workmanship throughout the process. We work hard to ensure your air conditioner and other HVAC systems provide reliable comfort throughout the year.

We’d love to speak with you! Contact Schneller Knochelmann 859.757.1877 in Kentucky or 513.407.4424 in Ohio with your questions and to learn more about the reasons your friends, family, and neighbors depend on us for their comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ductless Mini-Splits

Do ductless systems work differently than conventional systems?

Not really. The cooling process is the same. The only real difference is that there are no ducts with ductless systems.

How difficult is it to zone a ductless system?

It’s really pretty easy and can make it much easier to control the temperature in your home and trim your monthly utility bills.

What maintenance do ductless systems require?

Regular cleaning, making sure airflow isn’t blocked, and scheduling an annual service appointment with a certified HVAC professional is usually sufficient to keep your system in top condition for many years to come.

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