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Is It Safe to Use UV Lights to Kill Mold & Bacteria?

Lots of great tech has come out to the modern market in order to solve rapidly growing (and pre-existing) indoor air quality and environmental issues. But as with all new technology, one big question is always on everyone’s mind: is it safe? No system comes under more scrutiny than UV light air purifiers, and today the experts at Schneller & Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air are here to discuss the issue!

Interested in learning more about whether UV light purifiers are your ideal IAQ solution?

What’s the Fuss All About?

The concerns over UV purifiers are twofold. One, the fear is in that UV light is a type of radiation, which is a pretty scary word if you just toss it out there. And two comes from an issue preliminary and cheaper models had, which was the production of excessive ozone. Ozone in large enough quantities can be detrimental to the health of humans, and so naturally a lot of questions came up about the machines.

Are UV Lights a Type of Radiation?

They sure are. UV-C to be exact, which is the shortest wavelength of UV radiation and thus the highest energy. This type of radiation comes into contact with organic materials such as mold and bacteria and begins to break it down, killing the affronting materials and pollutants on contact. This is how UV purifiers work, and why they work so well. But are they dangerous to us? Nope!

No link has been made between human illness and UV-C radiation at all (and it has been studied extensively!), mostly because the short-length type of radiation can’t actually penetrate our skin at all. The UV light you’re used to from the sun (the types that cause those nasty sunburns) are actually UV-A and UV-B, which is why purifiers use the safe UV-C instead. Additionally these systems are installed in your ducts, far far removed from anywhere they might make contact with a human in the first place.

What About Ozone?

This is the harder part, and part of why UV light systems are looked at with some distrust. Ozone can absolutely cause some health issues, and many UV systems do in fact generate it. In fact there’s an entire market dedicated to the production of “ozone” or “charged air” purifiers.

However, this was only common to a certain type of tech, as most modern (and most successful/high quality) systems either are protected against generating ozone, or incorporate isolation or filtration systems that disperse and filter out the chemical.

So to sum up, the most successful models of UV light purifiers are totally safe, extremely good at getting rid of mold and pathogens, and are available to a wide market! You just have to do a touch or research to ensure you’re getting a high quality product, or work with trusted air quality experts to get the right systems.

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