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Don’t Miss a Thing this Spring: Complete Our Spring Checklist

Take Time to Check Your Sump Pump

While you’re running around this spring, getting your home ready for the warmer season, make sure not to overlook your sump pump. This is the time of year where we start to see a lot of sump pumps fail due to heavy rain, flooding, power outages, etc. Make sure you perform this simple sump pump test to make sure your system will pump water and sewage
properly when it’s inundated with rainwater.


If your sump pump is working fine, but you would like some more peace of mind, try investing in a battery back-up sum pump. It is designed to start working when your main sump pump stops, or it can work together with your main pump when the volume of water is extremely heavy. The battery back-up pump even has an alarm that signals if there are any problems with the battery, connections, or a clogged pump.

Tune-up for a More Comfortable Season

It’s starting to warm up nicely in Cincinnati, meaning homeowners are turning their air conditioners back on. This is a great time to get an air conditioner tune-up. Regular maintenance can keep your system working at peak efficiency. A system that has a yearly tune-up experiences considerably fewer breakdowns, saving you more money. If you’re looking for maintenance, check out our Furnace & AC Repairs page on our website for more information.

Check Your Dampers for More Efficient Air Flow

If you find that some rooms don’t cool off as well as others, the problem could be the dampers in your ductwork. Dampers help you control the amount of airflow to specific rooms. You can adjust these dampers to increase or decrease the airflow to those rooms. Now that you will be switching over to your air conditioner, you may need to make some seasonal adjustments. For instance, upstairs rooms may get too hot in the winter since heat rises, but they may need more airflow in the summer to keep them cool enough.

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