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Why Do I Need to Flush More Than Once?

Toilets are one of those household items that really barely even register on your radar. We use them on a daily basis, but it’s typically just do your business, flush, move on. Until that flush doesn’t get the job done. Then you’re stumped and annoyed, and you might even have a mess on your hands. Want to know what’s causing the need for multiple flushes (or constant plunger reliance)? The plumbing team at Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to help.

Let’s Start with the Easiest Fix

First things first, let’s try to nip the problem in the bud with the most likely and easiest thing to handle. Remove the tank cover from your toilet and inspect the flapper—the rubber or plastic cover that handles flushing. Is the:

  • Chain wound up or stuck?
  • Chain too short?
  • Flapper damaged, chipped, or ripped?

If any of these are a yes, there’s your problem (probably). This is because if the flapper doesn’t make a complete seal on the tank water will steadily trickle out of the tank and into the bowl. When it comes time to flush, there’s just not enough water in the tank to deliver the “oomph” that your toilet needs to get the job done.

You can usually hear a flapper problem, too. If your toilet seems to run randomly or run long after a flush it’s a good idea to go ahead and check the flapper right away. If it needs to be replaced, the job is actually really simple. Often just a pop out and pop in, but even if it’s a bit more than that a Cincinnati plumbing repair expert can make quick work of the task.

Do You Have a Low-Flow Toilet?

The design and intention of a low-flow toilet is a pretty good idea. Less water used, more money saved, the job still gets done. All good? All good! Unless, unfortunately, your toilet is just kind of low quality. The issue is that for a low-flow toilet to work well it needs to be designed kinda precisely and needs to be constructed of good quality parts in order to make up for the lack of power that a traditional toilet offers. That’s why we always recommend buying low-flow from a trusted brand.

And, Of Course, It Might Be a Clog

When a toilet is having trouble it can nearly always be a clog. Why clogs can cause this particular issue is that they stop the flush prematurely, cutting off pressure and essentially terminating the flush mid-go. These are often somewhat obvious, since the first flush sort of just stops, and often with a bit of regurgitated water coming back into the bowl suddenly. Clogs are a big deal, so keep up with routine drain cleaning services to avoid the headache!

Toilet & Plumbing Services in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, Ohio

Tired of wrestling with your plumbing problems and not sure what to do? Stop stressing and dial 513.407.4424 (OH) or 859.757.1877 (KY)! At Schneller we make getting the repair and replacement services you need a cinch.

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