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How Your Humidifier Can Save You $$ This Winter and Beyond

Whole-house humidifier outputting mist

The weather has begun to change from the sunny, warmth of summer to the crisp, cool of fall. In a few short weeks, the snow will fly and the temperatures will drop so far you’ll need to crank up your furnace to stay warm. If you’re like many people, you’ll also drag out the humidifier. But did you know that your humidifier can save you money this winter?

It’s true, installation of a whole house humidifier will not only help with your finances now, but you’ll also see long-term benefits.

Lower Heating Bills

Consider this; during the summer months when the humidity is high, the temperature feels much higher than it actually is. By contrast, winter air is notoriously low in moisture, which makes it feel colder, so you crank up the heat in your home by a few degrees. The problem is this also increases your energy bill!

For every degree you turn down the temperature of your thermostat in the winter, you’ll see savings between 2% and 4% on your heating bill. How can you do this without forcing your family to become snowmen? A whole home humidifier can help your family feel more comfortable this winter, even with the thermostat set to a lower temperature.

According to the EPA, energy efficient humidifiers save consumers in the U.S. Over $390,000,000 over the lifetime of the unit! That’s due to the reduction of electricity usage, which is estimated to be around 3.4 terawatts.

Protect Your Home Furnishings

The wood trim, floors, and furniture in your home are all susceptible to damage if the air is too dry. While you may not notice subtle changes in your woodwork, they will become more evident over time, and will need to be replaced. You will notice the gaps between the boards that make up your hardwood floor will widen. The furniture you love, if exposed to dry air too long, will lose its luster, splinter and crack. When any of these scenarios occur, you’ll need to spend money on repairs or replacements. To protect your budget from these expenses, use a humidifier to bring the moisture to an adequate level.

Many people experience a dry, scratchy throat, and dry nasal passages during the winter months. It’s also common for people’s skin to become dry and chapped. Not only are these uncomfortable, they can also lead to taking time off of work or kids staying home from school, investing in products such as hand creams and moisturizers to counteract these effects, and even to visits the doctor for the whole family.

Healthcare Costs

save money all winter and beyond humidifer schneller cincinnati ohio.jpg

Most of the health issues people experience from the dry winter air can be avoided completely with the proper amount of moisture in the air. A whole-house unit will save you a great deal of money, improve your family’s overall health, and will save you from the time-consuming hassle of maintaining multiple smaller humidifiers throughout your home.

Your family’s comfort, both physically and financially, is of utmost importance. You do everything you can to ensure that they have a comfortable, warm home that promotes these conditions. Installing and maintaining a whole-house humidifier will help you accomplish this goal now, and allow you to enjoy the benefits into the future.

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