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Is the Pressure Getting to Your House?

We’ve all turned on the shower with too little water pressure – the water comes trickling out at a snail’s pace. Though in that moment, it seems like low water pressure is the worst, turns out that high water pressure is a much bigger problem for your home!

Schneller’s plumbers know firsthand what too much water pressure can do to a home. Find out what that extra pressure could mean for your pipes and your wallet.


Can You Have Too Much Water Pressure?

While we normally think about the annoyances of too little water pressure, your pressure can, in fact, be too high! If you notice consistently high water pressure coming from your faucets, you could be paying extra every month in utilities. Even worse, that added pressure could cause your pipes to leak and wear down your water-using appliances, such as your washer or hot water heater.

If you’re curious where your water pressure stands, you can pick up an inexpensive gauge at most home improvement stores. The recommended maximum pressure for homes is about 80 psi (pounds per square inch). Unfortunately, many homeowners find their pressure as high as 100 or even 150 psi.

When was the last time you called your plumber? Find out what you could save by making a date with your plumber today!

Fixing High Water Pressure

Homeowners with high water pressure, meet your new best friend: the water pressure regulator. If you don’t have a pressure regulator, call your plumber to have one installed. Ask your plumber for a water pressure evaluation, and to explain how to adjust your regulator.

If you already have a regulator, but you’re experiencing high water pressure, you may need to clean or replace it. Pressure regulators are long lived pieces of equipment; when they start to malfunction, you can usually get it back into working order with simple repairs or a thorough cleaning.

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