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How to Prep Your Home’s Plumbing System for the Holidays

It’s hard to find time to accomplish pretty much anything at all once the holidays start swinging in earnest. You’ve got family, friends, dinners, parties, travel (ugh!), and approximately 500 other things on your mind. That’s why the holidays are prime for cramming in as much crisis prevention and planning as possible! Don’t want a plumbing problem ruining your good times? Then you’ve come to the right team.

Primary Preventative Plumbing Measures

We want to focus on fixtures that are high risk during the holiday season, or in other words things that are going to get used a lot. That’s going to be sinks, toilets, and garbage disposals at the top. To prepare them do these things:

  • Procure a good plunger. We will never cease to sing the praises of a reliable plunger. They’re really one of the best things you can keep around, so invest in a solid one and be sure to keep it in plain sight. No one wants to be the guy or gal that has to peek out of the bathroom to ask for a plunger.
  • Know the signs of a clog. Being able to spot the early warning signs of a clog, and knowing how to handle the particular clog you have on your hands, is one of the most important things you can do in order to avoid a gross disaster this holiday. If you’re unfamiliar with how we’ve got a great guide on the matter on hand!
  • Know what can go in a garbage disposal. Stay away from oils and fats, don’t grind up fibrous vegetables (carrot skins, banana peels, celery), don’t put coffee grounds in there, and be sure to chop up large hunks of meat or food before feeding it to the disposal.

Prepare Your Whole Home with Drain Cleaning

We discussed recently in our article about commercial drain cleaners that clogs aren’t usually a sudden thing. They lurk, wait, and grow over time until they are ready to fully form into the dense annoyance that they are. And this is true of 90% of clogs that come up! The holiday season is prime time for them to do so, what with all of the sink, toilet, and shower use.

The best thing we can recommend hands-down is a full drain cleaning before your holiday this year. It’s a small investment that performs a full-service cleaning and clearing of all drains in your home. That means no clogs at all, and it means easy water use for you and your guests.

Is Your Water Heater Up to the Task?

Is your home going to be the hub of family activity this year? Worried about shower schedules and lining up your hot water use? You don’t have to! Now we would certainly place this point in the “consider it” bracket, since it’s a fair investment overall. But a tankless water heater can serve your home well for many holidays (and all of the days in between) to come, and you’ll never have to deal with hot water recuperation at all with the right system installed by the right team.

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