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Spooky Signs Indicating You Need a Furnace Repair

The month of October brings a whole lot of festivity and fun to our Cincinnati neighborhoods for sure. Within weeks we’ll have ghosts, ghouls, goblins—the whole gang will be back in town! But sometimes that “something wicked” we all want can be compromised by something a little less festive. With the season comes cooler days and cold nights, and your furnace might not be all that enthusiastic.

Is your furnace making some spooky sounds, or creating a bit of unplanned panic? The heating experts at Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air are here to help you out, providing our compendium of spooky furnace problems!

Got some ghastly furnace issues going on in your home? Call our furnace repair experts now at 513.407.4424 or contact us online!

Scary Signs of a Furnace Failure

The nice thing is that a furnace is pretty up-front about its troubles, and will display very clear signs of an issue that can be diagnosed and identified. No seances needed! Keep a lookout for these:

  • A creeping chill. Getting a chill, or feeling a creeping waft of cold air when you walk your halls at night? It could be a spirit. Maybe. But it’s more likely that your furnace is leaving cold spots in your home, which is a sure sign of an efficiency issue.
  • Banshee wails. Squealing, shrieking, squeaks, and similar sounds are all attributed to damaged or worn furnace components—most commonly a worn out or torn belt. These can be quite loud and very frustrating, but a simple furnace repair can handle the issue with ease.
  • Frightening furnace bills. There are probably things much scarier than a sudden spike in utility bills. But not many! Furnace costs tend to remain somewhat predictable, so keep an eye for swings in the range of ten to twenty percent. If you catch any, and particularly if it keeps happening, then you need a furnace service.
  • A flickering flame. If you utilize a gas furnace in your home then be sure to check the pilot from time to time. If the flame is the wrong color (orange and red are wrong; the flame should be blue) or seems to be flickering quite a bit, it’s time to get service. Most frequently routine furnace maintenance will prevent the issue altogether!
  • The stench of brimstone. The smell of brimstone is quite unmistakable, though you probably know the material by its modern name: sulfur. Sulfurous odors are quite scary for a homeowner, as it indicates a gas leak in your home. If you note a sulfurous odor please contact someone right away! The first thing to do will be to shut off your furnace and other gas-utilizing appliances, preferably at the gas main, and then call the appropriate utility.

Happy Halloween from Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air!

Our specialists place a priority on offering quick, precise furnace repair services to our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky clients. We want you to enjoy your holiday season in warmth and comfort, so if there’s an issue with your home heating be sure to give us a call today! You can reach us online any time you need us, or for emergency furnace repair be sure to call 513.407.4424 or 859.757.1877 (KY)!

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