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Spring Air Conditioning Tips

With warm weather right around the corner, now is the time to think about your air conditioning system. In order to keep your system operating at peak efficiency, it’s important to give your air conditioner a Spring Cleaning! This translates into lower AC bills this summer, as well as helping to prevent costly breakdowns. You can also extend the life of your air conditioning system with planned maintenance.

This is also a good time to give your air conditioner a “test run”. On a warm day before it gets HOT, set your thermostat to cool for a few minutes to make sure your AC turns on and is operating properly. If there are any problems, you can make sure to have that air conditioner serviced and repaired before the weather really starts to get uncomfortable. The last thing you want is for that AC to break that first hot weekend, only to find out you can’t get service for a few days because everyone else waited also.

While you are at it, check your furnace filter to make sure it is clean. If it’s dirty, change it! A clogged air filter makes your whole system work harder, which means your furnace and air conditioning system costs more to operate. Which may make your utility company happy, but not you!

So take care of your heating and cooling system so it’s ready to take care of you come summer time.

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