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The Good News about Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Furnace & Air Conditioner

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Cincinnati springs turn into sweltering summers. If you noticed last summer that you had to call several times for air conditioning repairs, you know your old air conditioner is on its last leg. No one likes to think about air conditioner replacement. But the good news is that there are some definite benefits to installing a new air conditioner.

The air conditioner repair and replacement experts at Schneller have put together some positive points about purchasing a new air conditioner

Lower Energy Bills

While newer high-efficiency air conditioners are a big investment, the good news is you can expect some return on your investment in lower energy bills. Considering the fact that heating and cooling costs make up for about half of the average Cincinnati home’s energy bills, that could add up to some significant savings. We suggest choosing one with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. A rating of 14 or greater is usually sufficient to see more savings.

Just how much can you save? Check out Schneller’s Sneak Peek into Energy Savings on a Heating & Cooling System Replacement

Less Maintenance Required

Today’s high-efficiency air conditioners are made well. They are more efficient which means they are designed from the get-go to take on less stress while running. This means they will have a longer lifespan. But the biggest benefit is that they are less likely to break down meaning less aggravation and fewer repair costs in the long run.

Be More Comfortable in Your Home

High-efficiency AC systems allow for more consistent airflow and fewer temperature swings. This means you’ll be comfortable in your home, no matter what room you are in. Plus, when Schneller technicians install your new system, they check your ductwork and airflow and make sure it is designed for peak efficiency as well. Goodbye hot rooms and uneven temperatures throughout your home.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your AC or Furnace?

Not sure if it’s time to replace your air conditioner or furnace? The talented heating and cooling technicians at Schneller have created a handy checklist that will help you determine if your old units have some life left in them, or if it’s time to call us to discuss replacement options. Click the button below to download our You Be the Tech Check checklist.

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