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What Would You Save by Installing Your AC This Winter?


In the cold months of winter, air conditioning is probably the last thing on your mind; that’s why it’s the perfect time to get a new air conditioning system! Schneller can give you the inside scoop as to why right now is the time to buy a new air conditioner, rather than waiting for the dog days of summer. For heating and cooling, winter is the season to save – in more ways than one.

Winter AC Installs Save Hassle

We know most people don’t think about their air conditioner until it’s warm outside (it’s one of the reasons we so highly suggest maintenance agreements – your heating and cooling company should be looking out for you!) Since cold weather means fewer air conditioner sales, it also means fewer installations. For the customer, it means quicker turnaround; the new air conditioning unit is bought and installed much faster this time of year than during the warmer months. If you’re looking for a new AC unit, buying now means your new system will be installed and ready long before you need it, and you’ll have to do less work to get it!

Save Money with Winter Sales

Any salesperson can tell you, when demand goes down, so do prices! It’s basic economics and it means you can walk away with extra cash in your pocket. This time of year, heating and cooling companies are looking to make a deal if it means they can sell some air conditioning units. Whether it’s price slashing, packaged perks, or a buy-one-get-one deal, thinking ahead of the crowd means you could save big on the cost of a new air conditioner or heating and cooling system.

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