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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

On the hottest days of the year there’s nothing worse than your AC system suddenly deciding it’d like to try its hand at being a furnace. Are you dealing with a cooling system that insists on blowing hot or warm air? We can help! At Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air we’re all about simple solutions, so follow along to find out what could be causing your system to act up!

The Simplest Answers

Thankfully the majority of the time this issue is caused by a small oversight, or an easily rectified issue. Let’s start here and then work our way to the more unfortunate possibilities:

  • Bungled settings. Before you shell out for a repair service call, make absolutely certain that the system is set to “cool” and that your temperature settings are completely correct. We know it’s silly, but we’ve had a few of these calls, and we’d rather save you the stress!
  • A funky air filter. Much of what causes hot or warm air has to do with a restriction in air flow, which causes pressure and temperature fluctuations in the cooling system. Remove the cover for your blower cabinet and check that the air filter is clean and free of dust clogs. If it’s nasty, go ahead and replace it.
  • Clogged outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can cause similar issues to the dirty filter if grass clipping and leaves jam up in the fins. Clean the outdoor unit with a broom, and spray it down with a standard garden hose if necessary (it’s quite safe to do so, assuming you don’t try to use a pressure washer).

The “I Need an Expert” Problems

In a perfect world it would always be the simplest answer. But we all know quite well that the more complex problem is just as likely, if not more so depending on our recent streak of luck. These are the other possibilities:

  • A refrigerant leak. Contrary to what some less savory or ill-informed folks might tell you, your refrigerant can’t be low without there being a leak. Refrigerant is never used up, it can only drain out via a crack or break. Keep watch for puddles of liquid near your system in order to catch this issue quickly.
  • Component failure. Many parts in your system can break without the unit actually dying completely, and in many cases this will result in warm or hot air. A return fan being busted, the compressor dying, and more can all be an issue. However to know if these are your problem, you’ll need a diagnosis from an AC repair expert.
  • Needs more maintenance. Taking care of your air filter is a good DIY solution, but it’s no replacement for professional maintenance. Dust, debris, and even mold can start gunking things up in hard to reach places. This is why (part of why) consistent maintenance is so important.

Professional AC Diagnostics and Repair in Ohio

Dealing with warm or hot air and not sure where to turn? Turn to Schneller! Our specialists lead the industry in training, tools, and complete service solutions. No matter what the cause, big or small, we’ll offer the right solution to suit your unique situation.

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