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Plumbing Services in Elsmere, KY

Are you facing trouble with drains, fixtures, leaks, or other parts of your plumbing in the Elsmere area? When you need plumbing services you can trust to deliver quick, lasting solutions, choose Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air. We handle all your general plumbing needs, from basic maintenance and repairs to complete replacements and installations. Don’t settle for inferior outcomes or bad customer service when you don’t have to!

If you’d like to schedule plumbing services in Elsmere, contact us online or call 859.757.1877 today. 

Water Heaters

When you face trouble with your water heater, it often leads to a serious drop in your quality of life. We offer the necessary maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services to keep gas and electric water heaters working as they should—and when you need a new one, we’ll be glad to help you get set up with the perfect match.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tired of spending money heating water you won’t use? Sick of running out of hot water halfway through a lengthy shower or cleaning session? A tankless water heater can resolve both issues, offering limitless on-demand hot water with incredible efficiency. We offer everything you need, from installation to repair and maintenance. 

To schedule water heater services in Elsmere, KY, call 859.757.1877 or reach out to us online today. 

Kitchen Plumbing

When something goes wrong with your kitchen plumbing, or you need an upgrade, let our team take care of it. We can fix a damaged sink, replace aging water lines to your ice maker, solve a malfunctioning garbage disposal, and more. 

Bathroom Plumbing

Everyone hates bathroom plumbing trouble. When your toilet is past its prime, your showers leave you with ankle-deep water, or you want to remodel as a home investment, the plumbers at Schneller Knochelmann are your best bet for excellent outcomes.  

Want to request a visit for kitchen or bathroom plumbing? Reach out to Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing today by calling 859.757.1877

Leak Detection

Even a minor undetected leak in your walls can cause catastrophic damage. When you notice water where it shouldn’t be, have unexplained mold or pest issues, or hear water running when it shouldn’t, let our team use the latest technology to hunt down your leak and resolve it for good. 

Sump Pumps

Does your basement have a working sump pump in reliable condition? When you need maintenance, repairs, or a replacement pump, let our team keep your basement dry with our sump pump services.


When you need a plumber to run lines for a new bathroom, set up a line to feed an icemaker on your refrigerator, or replace all of your old leaky pipes, let the plumbing experts at Schneller Knochelmann handle it. We offer the thoughtful craft necessary to install plumbing you can count on in the years ahead. 

Drain and Sewer

Trouble with your drains can mean unbreakable clogs, slow drainage, rancid smells, and more—and if the problem extends to your sewer line, it can affect your entire home, your yard, even your clean water and the health of your family. When you need drain or sewer services, entrust the situation to us, and let us use the latest inspection tools to closely examine what’s ailing your pipes. 

Why Choose Schneller Knochelmann for Plumbing Services in Elsmere, KY?

The team at Schneller Knochelmann offers residents of Elsmere the best possible plumbing experience, from customer service to craftmanship. We’re thoroughly dedicated to excellent customer service and reliable solutions because we want to leave every customer fully satisfied. 

If you need plumbing help in Elsmere or want to learn more about any of our services, contact us online or call 859.757.1877 today.

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