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Expert Plumbing Services in Edgewood, KY

Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air is a steadfast source of premium plumbing services for northern Kentucky residents. Our locally owned and operated company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every service, ensuring you get the quality you deserve.

Need expert plumbing repair in Edgewood? Contact our team at 859.757.1877 today.

Comprehensive Plumbing Repair

At Schneller Knochelmann, we’re equipped to handle all your plumbing repair needs. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to tackle everything from minor drips and leaks to major pipe replacements and sewer line repairs.

We’ll quickly diagnose the issue, provide a transparent quote, and complete the repairs with minimal disruption to your day.

Don’t let a minor plumbing issue turn into a disaster. Call Schneller Knochelmann at 859.757.1877 today to schedule service.

Plumbing Installation

Our plumbing installations are designed to meet the unique needs of every customer. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom, upgrading your kitchen, or installing a new water line, we can ensure a seamless and hassle-free installation process.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs, recommend the best options, and install your new fixtures professionally and efficiently.

Want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen and need a plumber? Call 859.757.1877 today to get started on your remodeling project.

Expert Leak Detection & Repair

Our advanced leak detection technology and repair methods minimize disruption while ensuring long-lasting solutions. We deal with all types of leaks, including hidden ones, restoring the integrity of your plumbing system.

Don’t wait! If you suspect a leak in your pipes, call 859.757.1877 today.

Water Heater Services

Whether you have a traditional tank-style water heater or a modern tankless unit, our team is equipped to handle all your water heater needs. We repair common issues like lack of hot water, leaks, and strange noises.

If you need a replacement, we can guide you through the selection process and handle the installation. Regular maintenance is also available to optimize your water heater’s life span and efficiency.

You use your water heater every day, so keep it running smoothly with our water heater services. Call 859.757.1877 today.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

As modern homes seek more efficient and space-saving solutions, tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular. These systems provide hot water on demand, offering energy savings and an endless hot water supply. However, like any complex appliance, they require professional services to keep them functioning at their best.

Schneller Knochelmann offers tankless water heater installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Ready to switch to unlimited hot water? Call 859.757.1877 today to schedule tankless water heater installation.

Expert Drain Cleaning

Notice slow drains, recurring clogs, or foul odors? It’s time to schedule a professional drain cleaning. Our service ensures optimal drain performance and reduces the risk of major plumbing issues. Protect your home from water damage with a thorough drain cleaning.

Don’t let a clogged drain disrupt your life. Call 859.757.1877 to schedule drain cleaning today.

Water Line Services

Your water line is the crucial lifeline that brings clean, fresh water into your home for drinking, cleaning, bathing, and more. Any disruption can significantly impact your daily life. Whether you’ve noticed a drop in water pressure, discoloration in your water, or an unusually high water bill, our team is here to help.

Trust Schneller Knochelmann to provide effective and reliable water line services, keeping your home’s water flow strong and healthy.

If your water bill is higher than usual or your faucets won’t stop dripping, call the plumbers you trust at 859.757.1877 to schedule service.

Sewer & Drain Services

Count on us for drain cleaning, clog removal, sewer line repair and replacement, video camera inspections, and everything else necessary to keep wastewater draining smoothly and consistently from your home.

We’ll figure out the cause of the clog and make sure you won’t have to deal with the headache of bad drainage again. We use the latest tools and techniques to approach every drainage issue and apply the best solution with the least disruption to your home, lawn, and plumbing. 

Remember, the longer you wait to resolve sewer issues once you notice them, the more likely you are to see more severe issues; as a drain starts to narrow and clog, the slower water flow gives more time for more problems to build up in your pipe.

If things get bad enough, you could end up with sewer backflow through your home’s other pipes, wastewater leaks into your walls or basement, or pests attracted to minor sewer leaks in your lawn.

When you need sewer or drain services, call Schneller Knochelmann at 859.757.1877 or contact our team online.

Why Choose Schneller Knochelmann?

At Schneller Knochelmann, we don’t just fix pipes and leaks. We understand that inviting a technician into your home requires trust, and we earn it through an unwavering commitment to respectful service, transparent pricing, and the highest quality work.

We’re your neighbors, friends, and community partners dedicated to ensuring your comfort and safety.

When you choose Schneller Knochelmann for your plumbing needs, you’re choosing a locally owned business that values community and customer satisfaction above all else. You’re choosing experts who are as invested in your home as you are.

Schedule with our expert plumbers today by calling 859.757.1877. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best plumbing services from a team that truly cares.

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