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Cincinnati Water Heater Repair & Installations

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Efficient water heater systems are vital to our daily routine. We use our water heater systems for cleaning, cooking, hygiene, and more—and they directly impact our quality of living. At Schneller & Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air, we want to ensure your access to hot water is never interrupted or in jeopardy, which is why we offer complete hot water heater services!

Whether you’re in need of precise, priority repair or are ready for a whole new replacement and installation, our experts have you covered. We’ve been offering leading plumbing service to our clients for decades, and we are equipped with all you need to gain the reliable hot water heater you want in your Cincinnati home.

When you need water heater services in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, you can trust the certified plumbing experts at Schneller & Knochelmann to provide! Contact us online today to learn more or to get a quote for your service!

Water Heater Services in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

Schneller & Knochelmann offers solutions to meet all of your hot water needs and can service all water heater types. When you need service, Schneller & Knochelmann can bring:

Water Heater Installation

When you need a new water heater, either as a replacement or as part of a new home project, you want a water heater that suits your specific needs perfectly. Our plumbing specialists will help you find the water heater that suits your requirements and needs, offering top-class water heater products that guarantee perfect, uninterrupted service.

Why get a new water heater system with Schneller & Knochelmann? The benefits are clear!

  • Greater efficiency and performance. New water heater systems are leagues ahead of systems even 10 years old.
  • Lessened and reduced recovery periods. A system ideally suited to you and your family’s needs leads to less waiting for the hot water to “come back”. Or you can skip the frustration and choose a new tankless water heater!
  • No more constant repair. Calling in for repair a few times a year or more? Save yourself the stress and the money and opt for a water heater replacement!
  • Lower energy costs. New systems use more efficient and effective methods of heating water and create far less “wasted heat.” This saves you tons in energy costs every single month!

Pros & Cons of Different Water Heater Types

When you need a new water heater in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, you have two main options: conventional storage (“tank”) water heaters or tankless. Which is best for your home?

  • Pros and cons of installing a conventional water heater: The main advantage is that tank-style water heater installation is less expensive. Many homeowners choose to upgrade their tank-style water heater to a larger capacity—say from a 30-gallon to a 50-gallon tank to provide hot water longer. Tank-style water heaters are reliable and should last 10-12 years. Primary drawbacks include the floor space needed for the tank, the “freshness” of the water (or lack thereof) since it sits in the tank until needed, and the risk of tank leaking.
  • Pros and cons of installing a tankless water heater: Tankless water heaters are smaller (about the size of a carry-on piece of luggage) and hang on the wall, so they don’t require the floor space a tank water heater does. They are more energy-efficient because they only heat water on demand as opposed to keeping gallons of water hot 24/7 like the tank style. A tankless water heater can last up to 20 years with regular maintenance. The main drawback is that, because a tankless model needs electrical outlets for the fan and electronics, upgraded gas pipes, and a new ventilation system, it costs more to install it. Additionally, some tankless water heaters cannot accommodate large households that need to use hot water in several different ways (showering, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc.) at once.

Contact the experts at Schneller & Knochelmann today for assistance in making this important decision!

Water Heater Repair Service

When something goes wrong with your home water heater, be it tankless, gas, or electric, everything comes to a halt. You require working home water to do nearly anything, and until service is restored, your life is a stressful one! That’s why our repair specialists offer priority water heater repair. We use the industry’s best in diagnostic tools, training and techniques, and experience in order to meet your repair needs with haste and precision.

Contact our team for water heater repair when:

  • Your water heater is leaking.
  • Signs of sediment in your water start cropping up.
  • Water pressure seems affected.
  • Your water is always cold or too cool.
  • Your hot water recovery times begin to lengthen.
  • Your water heater is making odd sounds (popping, bangs, bubbling).

We Keep You in Hot Water 24 Hours a Day

The plumbers of Schneller & Knochelmann offers 24-hour repair for the water heater in your Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky home. When your water heater decides to leak, it can be a real emergency. Our plumbers can get there fast to repair or even replace your water heater.

If you need emergency water heater repair, call Schneller & Knochelmann 24 hours a day at 513-407-4424 (OH) and 859-757-1877 (KY).

Help Your Water Heater Last Longer with Regular Maintenance

Over time, your old water heater builds up sediment at the bottom, which reduces the amount of available hot water for your home. Plus, it requires more fuel to heat that water. That’s why regular maintenance is necessary. Our plumbers make sure that your water heater is operating safely and efficiently. Use the button below to schedule your maintenance appointment!

Expert Water Heater Services in Ohio & Northern Kentucky

No matter the size, scope, or scale of your plumbing need, we have the solution and service to match here at Schneller & Knochelmann. You can reach our plumbing team online at any time to schedule service, or feel free to contact us over the phone at 513-407-4424 (OH) and 859-757-1877 (KY) to speak with our plumbing experts!

So call the plumbers of Schneller & Knochelmann or schedule an appointment online today, and we’ll be happy to take care of your water heater repairs and installations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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