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Does My Home Need a Whole House Humidifier?

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Homeowners often dismiss dry air as nothing more than uncomfortable, but overly dry air can lead to damage in your home as well as a number of health issues. Whether your aim is to protect your wooden furniture, or prevent itchy skin and nosebleeds, a humidifier can help this winter. Of course, when choosing a humidifier, homeowners have options. Schneller often hears the question, “Should I choose a whole-house humidifier or several smaller ones?”

Today, your Cincinnati heating and cooling experts break down the reasons a whole-house humidifier is a better fit for most homes.

Experience the Benefits Throughout Your Home

You may be worried about one person in your home who suffers from allergies, or who always seems to deal with itchy, dry skin each winter, but your entire household will benefit from better humidity control. Those who live in a home with low humidity are more likely to experience colds and asthma attacks throughout the colder months.

It’s also worth noting that your wooden furniture and surfaces can sustain serious damage when humidity levels fluctuate dramatically throughout the year. To prevent sniffling and warped wood in more than one room of your home, your best bet is a whole-home humidifier.

Easy to Use

One of the most cited advantages to choosing a whole-house humidifier is that once it’s installed, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The humidifier will control the humidity in your entire home, while you simply relax and enjoy the benefits.

While we highly recommend regular maintenance for your humidifier, like any other heating and cooling equipment, you don’t have to clean, fill, or change the water in a whole-house humidifier. Once it’s installed, it’s ready to go. Portable humidifiers, on the other hand, require regular cleaning, and daily filling of each water reservoir.

Enjoy the Quiet

If you don’t like extra noises in your home while you’re trying to concentrate on work, or enjoy a good movie, then you’ll love that the whole-house humidifier is almost completely soundless. Small humidifiers are a lot louder than you might think, and they often become a source of frustration for those who want a quiet evening, especially when there is one in almost every room of your home.

Cost Comparison

While the initial price of a whole-house humidifier is the main reason you may consider purchasing several small ones, buying several small humidifiers doesn’t actually save you money. Yes, the initial cost is less, but individual humidifiers don’t last nearly as long as their whole-home counterpart. You’ll have to replace those small humidifiers, whereas a well cared for whole-house humidifier is a one-time purchase.

Then, there’s energy-efficiency to consider. Whole-home humidifiers are relatively inexpensive to operate, and the increase in humidity throughout your home will save you money each month. However, small humidifiers use far more electricity than most homeowners expect, and can cause your energy bills to spike. In the long run, a whole-house humidifier is the savvy shopper’s choice.

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The Clear Decision

A whole-house humidifier works hard to not only keep you comfortable, but to keep you healthy. As the name implies, a whole-house humidifier will care for your entire home, requires far less maintenance, it’s quiet, and it’s cost efficient.

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