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Importance of End of Season AC Maintenance

We’ve still got a few warmer days ahead of us, but fairly soon your air conditioner will be taking a long, well-deserved rest. Are you planning on scheduling an end of season maintenance visit? If not you should! You stand to gain a lot of great perks by doing so, which is what we’re here to talk about today.

Set a date for your post-summer AC maintenance today by contacting the licensed specialists at Schneller & Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air!

Why Schedule End of Season Maintenance?

Your first thought might be that we already recommended maintenance for the spring season. And you’d be right— we sure did, and still do. But getting service at the end of the season is just as important, both to ensure your system is in proper order before its hibernation, and to prepare your heating system for the winter.

During the summer months your cooling system works hard to keep up, which generates tons of wear and tear as well as introduces a considerable amount of contaminants and air pollutants to the mechanisms. Bottom line, you want to get your system serviced now so that when next year rolls around you can be certain the system will be ready to roll and will be at the top of its game.

The Benefits of End of Season Service

We can tell you all day that you need it, but in the end it’s all about the benefits, isn’t it? When you schedule post-season AC maintenance service you can expect to gain:

  • Preserved cooling power. Right after summer is when your cooling system is most likely to have accrued problems. These include loose electrical connections, damaged parts, lack of lubrication, and more, all of which are handled by a routine post-season service.
  • Better efficiency. Did you skate through this year thinking you’d like to be paying less for home cooling? If so, maintenance service is the best way to beef up home energy-efficiency.
  • Longer lived AC systems. Calibrations, cleaning, and component checks are all vital to ensuring your system stays in good health. AC systems might be a necessity, but they’re not cheap, and you want yours to last!
  • Prepped home heating. Post-season AC maintenance and furnace tune-ups are often paired as a service, which helps you to winterize your home and prepare for better heating come the winter months.

A Quick Note for Heat Pump Owners

If you rely on a heat pump to keep your home air conditioned all year round, you’ll want to note that routine service is even more important for you! Your system doesn’t get a break and needs to be in top gear all year to take on all of nature’s seasons.

For the best results you should always ensure they get a minimum of two heat pump tune-ups a year; once in the spring and once in the fall are the ideal times to schedule to ensure you’re on top of things.

Seasonal Tune-Up Services in Ohio and Northern Kentucky

Ready to set a date for your service? The specialists at Schneller & Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating & Air are here to help! Our NATE-Certified and licensed HVAC experts can handle all of your maintenance needs.

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