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The Benefits of Including Your Humidifier in A Maintenance Plan

Technician reading a gauge while servicing an air conditioning unit

A whole-home humidifier can do wonders for the home. If your heating and cooling equipment is already covered under a maintenance plan agreement, adding similar coverage to your humidifier is an easy way to ensure your home stays comfortable, and performing at its best. Essentially, a maintenance plan that includes all the components of your

heating and cooling system provides all of the maintenance that is needed, and allows you to enjoy a longer life out of all of your equipment.

Don’t Skip The Humidifier

While maintaining a whole-home humidifier is relatively simple, regular maintenance is still encouraged. Under your maintenance agreement, you technician should be prepared to take the humidifier apart, clean it thoroughly, and check for proper drainage. Calcium buildup and other issues can be taken care of immediately, rather than after they’ve caused expensive problems.

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Keep Your Home Comfortable

The equipment that keeps your home comfortable all year is expensive and vital for maintaining the comfort of your home. It’s important to maintain all your equipment, not just the largest pieces. The regular maintenance included in our maintenance plans means you won’t have to look at replacing your unit for a good, long time. Maintenance coverage provides year-round cleaning and maintenance that you won’t have to worry about scheduling out, which can extend the life of your humidifier and heating and cooling equipment and give you less to worry about around your home.

In the end, it’s all about being keeping your home running, and your wallet happy. Most homeowners don’t have the money to replace their heating and cooling system every few years, and the relatively minor cost of a maintenance plan will help prevent equipment breakdowns and failures. It allows you to learn more about your unit, and have a professional technician checking for problems throughout the year. Any issues that do come up can be addressed immediately, before any major damage is caused.

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